Behind the new album (listen)


Is it cool? Is it lame? YOU decide!

We've been SWEATING TO THE OLDIES RECORDING our second full length release 'COOL LAME' for all you Crushers and Crushettes!

COOL LAME is just like us. It's sweet. It's sour. It's tough. It's sparkly. It's...kind of a weird mosh pit of influences, spanning soda pop sweetness, old school LA hardcore punk, and surf/garage.

You will love it or hate it! And that's just how we want it.

Hayley already has a DIY podcast for nasty women called Sparkle and Destroy, so she thought: Why not share some cool/lame/funny/helpful behind-the-scenes stuff that's going into making our new record? Click the links above or download on iTunes. 
Thus far, we've tracked 9 songs with Bart Thurber of House of Faith Studios in Oakland (love this dude) and are working on another two for your ear holes!

All the tracking thus far has been direct to tape, so it's got that analog thing going on. Does that matter to you? Probably not. We just love to hear that reel-to-reel re-wind! 

If you wanna hear what we're up to, all you have to do is join the Crushers Fan Club Newsletter and we'll totes send you even more ear treasures. We love to hear form you.

COOL LAME is slated for release Spring 2018! If you want to follow our jangly journey making this thing, follow us on Instagram, #COOLISTHENEWLAME! 



Hayley Cain