Pork Mag Made us Blush!

Traveling through Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood, we HAD to stop by Fantagraphics books, connected to the fab Georgetown Records! With a comic book store owner/avid collector in the band and a memorabilia obsessed record-hoarder too, we always make a stop for records and books wherever we go. Oh! and vintage stores too. Where do you think Hayley gets all those vintage swimsuits?!

This time, we decided to grab a stack of Pork magazines to catch up on our reading while endless hours traveling in the van! We were super surprised and excited to see a review of our album Jewel Case in issue #25! Afterward, we celebrated with pizza at Flying Squirrel Pizza Co., then ended the night rocking Lucky Liquor Tavern with Golden Idols, SLOW ELK and Beverly Crusher (all of these bands are worth checking out - get at it).

Could there be a better day? I think not. We're totally born to be mild. Read below! 

Hayley Cain