Hot Shot Video Premiere

Our video for HOT SHOT just dropped at with a cute little write-up. Read the write-up and learn about the inspiration behind the song HERE!

This crazy flick was created by Jesse Ryan and Hallie Elizabeth of SLO, CA. They are amazing and we really did this on a shoe-string  budget!

Funny story. Jesse was working at the SLO parking structure on Marsh Street when Hayley stopped through to pay for her day's parking. What happened next was a strangely fated conversational exchange form her car into Jesse's little ticket booth box.

He had seen some funny Crushers home movies on Facebook and offered his services as a director. What followed was a romp through SLO at some of our fave spots, including Boo Boo Records (where Gabriel works) and Madonna Inn (where Hayley and Reid frequent the bar and dance floor). This was really a crazy fun video to make and we are so proud of it!

Hayley Cain