Our First Crushes (Playlist)

Go Go’s – This Town

Notes: (Hayley) We cover this song on our album “Jewel Case” and we can always tell the Go Go’s fans in the audience, because they are so under appreciated, and the get so excited for it. One of the nicest things anyone has ever said about the band is that we sound like a “demonic version of the Go Go’s.” I fell in love with punk music at seven years old, bopping around to my mom’s copy of “Beauty and the Beat” singing into a hairbrush.

Hayley and the Crushers – Hot Shot

Notes: (Hayley) I think everyone knew “this guy” in high school. I often think about him, and how boring his life must be now!


Metallica – Blackened


Hayley and the Crushers – Glitter and Glue

Notes: (Hayley) Reid was SO stoked to have glockenspiel on this track, and I think it lends itself to a sweet 60s vibe. Glitter and glue is about the sweet and sour dichotomy of growing up and the intoxication of summer love. There is a lot of nostalgia in this for me, leaving notes in your crush’s locker and all that. I mean, who even calls anyone up on the telephone anymore? The first line “She said you look like a child prostitute/I said mom I look cute” probably makes my mom feel weird, but she said it in real life, not me! (What 14 year old girl in fishnets hasn't heard some variation of this?)


Loretta Lynn – Rated X

Notes: (Hayley) I always knew I was a feminist, but I didn’t quite understand the power of the “women’s lib” movement until I found a bunch of Loretta Lynn records in a dollar bin when I lived in Long Beach, CA. I was 19 at the time and I thought: “this is the punkest thing I’ve ever heard!” The fact that Loretta is singing about sex and birth control pills and divorce and women’s rights in the 1970s country scene blew me away. Plus, she’s SPARKLED (literally) while she did it. I always try to sparkle as hard as Loretta on stage.

Mercyful Fate, Gypsy


Notes: (Gabriel) The band that started my life long obsession with Lucifer.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts– I Hate Myself for Loving You

Cars – Let’s Go

Notes: (Reid) When I was a kid my dad played country music exclusively on the radio. I was in fourth grade when my dad bought a 54’ International pick up to haul firewood with. In the glove box of the truck was a cassette of Joan Jett ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ and The Cars ‘Candy-O.’ He had never heard these albums, and I was enamored with the girl on the cover. I pretty much wore those cassettes out. This was my first introduction to music that wasn’t county music. 

Hayley and the Crushers – Gidget’s Revenge

Notes: (Hayley) Sorry for the live track! In the old 60s TV show “Gidget,” Gidget always tries to be one of the guys, or one of the girls, and seems to fail both ways. She’s just always falling on her face, and so confused. I love the campy beach imagery of the show, and I think being a woman, and being a teenage girl, is hard. This song is me giving some knucks to the Gidget in all of us. Hang in there girl!


X – The World’s a Mess It’s in my Kiss

Notes: (Hayley) I was 16 when I got my first tattoo, a stick-and-poke “X” on my back. I love the way the band fuses rhythm and blues, early LA punk, rockabilly, and new wave into this strange, broadly appealing soup. This song was my anthem as a teen because my world was a mess. (Also, the reason I play a silver sparkly Gretsch guitar is because of Billy Zoom, who remains to this day one of my biggest guitar influences).

Dwight Twiley – Looking For The Magic

Notes: (Gabriel pick)

Hayley and the Crushers – Blacked Out

Notes: (Hayley) This is one of the only songs on the album that Reid wrote all the words and music to. I love it’s old school rock n roll feel, like Joan Jett. Being married and bandmates is really cool, but sometimes it’s a bit much to write together. I love that when we play this live Reid actually sings it. I love the imagery he uses to show the dangers of obsessive love/addiction. We've all had love relationships that were like matches and gasoline. Reid and I been married since 2013 and I am happy to say it's never gotten this dark.

Rancid – Whirlwind

Notes (Reid) The first Rancid album is probably my favorite punk record of all time. It has a great hooks and the songs tell stories. They were not just singing ham fisted political songs or pop stuff about nothing. I could relate to the songs stories and ideas unlike anything I had heard. I saw them on their first tour after the break up of Operation Ivy and they were fire on stage. I hadn’t heard them up to that point as they had only cut their first EP and were touring on it. Tim commanded the stage with energy and movement. I’m still convinced that the show itself is as important as your music, thanks to their crazy good performance.

Hayley and the Crushers – 17 Strum

Notes: (Hayley) Well, when I was 16 I ended up in AA, and it was the punk rock AA in Redondo Beach, and I met a lot of characters who changed me. The entire song is about this time leading up to my downfall, trying to find my way and starting an girl band after I’d moved from a small town to LA. The chorus: “Hanging round just wasn’t an option/like the grass, this town is dead/Hitch a ride she was looking for action/Three chords and a bottle of gin” tells it all, really.


Agent Orange – No Such Thing

Notes: (Hayley) The entire album “Living in Darkness” ALWAYS feels fresh to me. I love the play between the dark introspective lyrics, the sunny surfy sound, and the menacing, shredding pace! Being able to play with these guys a few years back was a major hi-light for me.

Roky Erickson – Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play

Notes: (Gabriel) My favorite Roky Tune. Pure obscurity.

Hayley and the Crushers – Jaywalking

Notes: (Hayley) There was this one summer in high school I spent every night hanging at my boyfriend’s work—a gas station in a small town. When he would get off, we just caused trouble and cruised around the small town all night like weirdos. Sometimes we would go to Food 4 Less and stare at the raw meat. This song is about spinning your wheels and having big dreams, but feeling suffocated. It has a sort of menacing tone because, back then, we thought we were dangerous and cool.

CRASS- Banned from the Roxy

Notes: (Reid) The CRASS was the first band I heard were I thought, hey I can play this! The Music is stripped down to the bare essentials and the message is a hammer. They spawned a ton of influential punk bands with the ideas being as important as the music. 


The Ramones – Locket Love

Notes : (Reid) Gotta throw a Ramones song in there. In high school, Hayley says she wore ripped jeans, leather jacket ten sizes too big and a Ramones shirt daily. She was “Hayley Ramone!” She never shut up about them! I didn’t fall totally in love with them till later in life, but I have now seen the error of my ways. On a good night, we aim to bring the energy and sheer humor of The Ramones. My fave Ramone is Dee Dee, for obvious reasons. Least favorite Ramone is Johnny (Republican).

Weird Al Yankovic – Melanie


Notes: (Gabriel) My favorite Al ‘original’

The Smiths – Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Notes: (Gabriel) TWO WORDS : JOHNNY MARR!

Waylon Jennings – This Time

Notes: (Reid) My favorite record. Waylon was the first big artist to take the record industry to task. He was unhappy with the music the Nashville Machine was making for him so he went out and made his own record and sold it back to the label. This was the fist DIY album as far as I know, at least at the majors. The three albums he cut that way created a new genre of country music. I love Waylon Jennings!

Hayley and the Crushers – Jewel Case

Notes: (Hayley) I wrote this song about a friend I had once. I took her to a Blasters Show in Redondo Beach at the Pier. One second she was cool, the next she was on the ground, with some creep guy standing over her. The paramedics came and I spent the night with her in a hospital bed. I guess she did a bunch of shots in a row and could have been drugged by the dude (we will never know). My friend Ed picked us up from the hospital, but he wasn’t much better. He had been partying all night and was crazy. It was ridiculous. That girl and I had gotten matching tattoos before that, and I naively thought we would be good friends. I never saw her after that night but I still have this poorly done tattoo on my wrist! Joke’s on me! That was really the end of my crazy days. It just shows the stupidity of it all and it is a warning not to go down that self destructive path. Rock n roll is good enough as-is without winding up in the hospital! I now go to bed at 10:30 p.m. with a good book and a cup of tea. ; )

Hayley Cain