Blue & Green Vid Premiere!

Mermaid found in Morro Bay, CA!

Wowee! New Noise Magazine just premiered our brand new video for Blue and Green, our first single off our forthcoming vinyl release, Cool Lame! See what New Noise has to say about all the hubbub, here.

Here's a bit of gab about the song from Hayley herself:

“Is it cool? Is it lame? Did they like it, share it or ignore it altogether? Our new single ‘Blue and Green’ is all about letting go of that constant anxiety–if you can hack it! Living on the sleepy Central Coast of California, the sea is a constant reminder of what’s actually real. Each member of the band lived in different cities for years (Hayley and Gabriel: L.A. area), Reid (Oakland) before getting sick of the constant calamity of it all. We came together in this mild midway place, where drive-in movies still exist and the town’s main claim to fame is an alleyway covered in chewed bubblegum.


Our music reflects the tension of living in a small town: it is half sugary dream, half neurotic nightmare. Our new album Cool/Lame is full of that give and take, this song representing a cleansing moment of escape (and perhaps a momentary detox from urban life for our city dwelling listeners). The album took us to the weirdest recesses of our imaginations and the strangest corners of the West Coast. From the dark Oakland warehouse where the album was recorded to tape (courtesy of sound engineer Bart Thurber of House of Faith Studios) to songwriting sessions in the back of our rickety Ford van while driving up the coast to Seattle and back, the sound is half summer vacation, half summer school detention.” 

Hayley Cain