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What are your earliest memories of loving music?

Oldies radio. Living in Hermosa Beach, my big sister and I loved singing along to Beach Boys, Shangri-Lahs, Supremes and The Monkees K-RTH 101. We also played random records we found at the thrift store. Some were weird, like when I found Wayne Newton's “Danke Shoen” in the 25 cent bin, which I played on the wrong speed on a tiny kid's record player, so it sounded like a chipmunk. We made up lyrics to old songs and they were always inside jokes. We were obsessed with anything retro (this was in the mid-90s) because the only place we were allowed to go on our own was the thrift store or to the strand to skateboard. We weren't allowed to watch MTV, only Nick at Nite, which showed re-runs of Happy Days and stuff. I remember finding a used 4-CD set of Elvis (I loved “Do the Clam,” which I changed to “Do the Sam,” after my Weiner dog, Sammy). As for modern music, Weezer's blue album was huge. I listened to it a zillion times. On long car rides my parents would wake me up to hear the Dr. Demento Show, and I had a cassette of some inappropriate songs – I loved the humor and fun. My mom's CDs always surprised and excited me: She had gems like Elvis Costello, the Waynes World Sound track, and the Go-Gos "Beauty and the Beat.” I bounced around the apartment at seven years old, singing into a hairbrush like I was in The Go-Gos. I got walked in on once or twice!

Hayley Cain