Welcome to the Crusherverse


"The musical equivalent to bazooka bubblegum stuck to the bottom of a combat boot."

- Melted Magazine

"A Punchy, Punky Young Oldies sound. Hayley's vox immediately remind me of Belinda Carlisle and the music itself says drive-in movies, bubblegum, soda pops, lazy beach days, and mild teenage bad behavior." 

- Pork Magazine  

"syrupy-sweet, surf pop punk songs cover topics like hooking up in the backseat, mermaids, glitter, and young love."


"This CA trio's created their own unique grit and glitter blend of 50s rock’n’roll with a punk attitude, like an alternate universe inspired by Marty McFly’s wild performance from Back to the Future."

- Belwood Music, UK



San Luis Obispo, California

We are

Hayley Crusher Cain - Guitar, vox, Dr. Reid Cain - bass, Gabriel Olivarria - drums

Record Label

Eccentric Pop Records, North Carolina // Lost State Records Portland Oregon


Crushers Fan Club 778 Marsh Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


805-458-4455 crushersfanclub@gmail.com